Custom Printing is a digital printing house that specialises in digital book printing. In our offer you will find a wide range of binding which will satisfy your expectations. We do our work with special attention to quality so that every individual customer is satisfied. Custom Printing is a family business which is a continuation of an offset printing house established in 1989. We continue the tradition of providing the highest quality printing services, and we apply the experience gained over the years to the new digital printing technologies. Our company is made up of a team of professionals with many years of experience in the implementation of printing production and service of the most demanding projects. We also provide consulting services and our specialists are at your disposal. We invite you to contact us and we will gladly prepare the pricing of your project.

Advantages of digital printing

Selected quantity

With digital printing, you can order as many copies as you need at the time. You can easily reprint copies in small runs without blocking significant funds. You protect the environment by printing only as much as you need.

No stock

Thanks to us, you will save space in your warehouse or you will completely give up on it. The depleting stock of books in which you invest your money generates costs and reduces the financial fluidity of your publishing house. With us, you can order a reprint at any time and protect the environment from disposal of unsold copies.

Sample printout

Are you not sure if the book after printing will meet your expectations? Digital technology allows you to print one copy of your book. That way you can check if the book after printing looks the way you planned to make sure that the final product will match your concept. This is very important if, for example, you want to maintain a specific colour scheme.

Test run

If you have any doubts as to whether the publication will be of great interest to readers and how much interest will it receive? Print a test run that will show you how the market reacts to this position and with this knowledge you will be able to plan your target run. Do not block funds and take care of the environment.


Sometimes there is a need to distinguish each copy. Digital printing technology allows you to personalise every single book. If your books should contain unique codes or each copy should be signed with a different name, it is possible with us.

Environmentally friendly

We care about the environment by controlling our print-outs. During the production process, a lot of paper waste is produced which has to be disposed of, unsold books in warehouses are also recycled, and the heating of warehouses additionally pollutes the air. Follow the “Zero Waste” principle and produce only as much as you sell.

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